Our first Behind The Screen Episode! In this episode, we talk about TTRPGs and the genre as a whole. We also discuss the background and mechanics of each of our lovable, heroic characters. For those lore buffs out there, we even go over the history of Ryxia, the world of Reckless Attack!

Timestamps for Interviews:
Kascorin: 16:40
Valeska: 34:00
Selv: 50:50
Checkers: 1:06:10
History of the World: 1:28:55

Warlock Homebrew: The Compendium of Forgotten Secrets https://www.genfantasypress.com/get-the-compendium

Druid Homebrew: Alpha Druid

KibblesTasty Generic Elemental Spells and Stone Sorcerer