Valeska Carter

Human* Arcana Cleric - 7 / Warlock 1 (She/Her)
Played By: Sophie Hanson (She/Her)

Valeska is a young woman in search of answers. Like, compulsively.

She comes from not just a long line of scholars, but a whole culture of them. Everyone in her homeland grows up learning a strict curriculum designed to give them a well-rounded knowledge of the world. After graduation, individuals choose an area to focus their scholarly energies on, which can span from obscure religious studies to blacksmithing to combat.

So take that culture and imagine what the wholesome teacher’s pet of that culture would be – that’s Valeska. Always at the front of the class, asking and answering questions with an eager and honest attitude, with a tad less intensity than you’d assume.

She hopes that through her time at The Golden Tree, she can find her “Focus” and add her knowledge and curiosity to their peacekeeping efforts and study of the gates.

Selv Asterlin

Silver Dragonborn Monk - 8 (He/Him)
Played By: Steve Hurovitz (He/Him)

Selv’s years at his town’s icy mountain monastery has trained not just his body, but also his mind and emotions. The large dragonborn seeks to be a peacemaker in conflicts, exuding strength, calm and serenity while straying away from violence and lethal force when possible.

While he was one of the monastery’s top students, his time there was not an easy one. Despite his natural connection to the icy elements, he was the target of a lot of derision from his fellow students. Many were upset or surprised he was chosen to be the monastery’s representative in The Golden Tree, but he hopes he is able to bring the serenity of the temple to the rest of the world and discover his place in it.

Kascorin “Kass” Brightmane

Dwarf Sorcerer 8 - (He/Him)
Played By: David Zhang (He/Him)

“This round’s on me, boys!” I toast my fellow guardsman and a jaunty hurrah punctuates the already rowdy tavern. Tomorrow I leave this city for the Golden Tree adventuring guild, and in leaving this city, I leave my friends, my family, and my comfortable life behind. But this is my choice. My chance to prove to my rival that I have what it takes, that I can choose my own destiny.

I sense my Patron’s approval at these thoughts. The Eternal Citadel, ever present and indomitable, desires stability above all else. I sense something darker too, a danger that eclipses even the Ultragiants that the Citadel pushes me onwards to discover. But these are tomorrow’s problems. 

“Three cheers for Kascorin!” The clamor continues. “Hip hip, Hooray! Hip hip, Hooray!”

Checkers (and Mango)

Grung Fighter 3/Druid 5 (He/Him)
Played By: Jonathan Zhang (He/Him)

Checkers and Mango, the inseparable duo with a penchant for petty theft and childish pranks. Although he was born to a once-powerful clan of Grung across the sea, Checkers abandoned his duties and went off in search of freedom and excitement. Over the course of his travels, he outwitted a pack of ravenous sea-monsters, founded a now-thriving orphanage, and discovered a knack for collecting other people’s possessions.

Joining the Golden Tree adventuring guild on a dare, Checkers and his frog pal Mango are here to prove that it’s better to find your own path than to follow someone else’s. After all, where’s the fun in looking before you leap?


God of Fate - 20
Played by: Nathan Lurz (He/Him)

Your generous Dungeon Master. May joke about killing characters a lot, but won’t usually do it. Loves him a good story.

Bonnie, Cooper, and Arthur

Doggo Podcast Wizards - 100
Played by: Themselves

The official dog mascots of Reckless Attack. They do not have social media, as they value their privacy, but follow their owners on Twitter and Instagram and you’ll no doubt catch sight of them.