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“Reckless Attack is a polished, exemplary AP that is classic D&D with some very excellent elemental twists…This is a game that everyone’s going to be talking about soon.”   – GIZMODO

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"I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better. The audio quality is top notch (important since I listen in my car) and the story is a true collaboration and a delight. And there are frogs, so many frogs. I highly recommend giving Reckless Attack a try."

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"The friendship and familiarity of this group comes through so strongly. Their characters and humor, creativity and sense of good play come make this such a fun and easy listen. This doesn’t feel like people out to make money, or feels like a group of friends just trying to share their story with the rest of us. Between frog stacks, funny wordplay, and epic moments, Reckless Attack rings true as a quality TTRPG podcast that will be here for a long long time."

We're an Interview Show too!

"The group storytelling dynamic is on point, and the action blends seamlessly with role play. With a healthy mix of comedy and serious undertones, this AP is well worth the listen!"
"I found this podcast through Twitter. This is a rock solid group that will leave you entertained. The deep friendship between the players leads to some outstanding role playing. Looking forward to seeing where this group goes in the future."