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“Reckless Attack is a polished, exemplary AP that is classic D&D with some very excellent elemental twists…This is a game that everyone’s going to be talking about soon.”   – GIZMODO

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"I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better. The audio quality is top notch (important since I listen in my car) and the story is a true collaboration and a delight. And there are frogs, so many frogs. I highly recommend giving Reckless Attack a try."

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Reckless Attack is a truly delightful listen. The cast clearly enjoys the game, they bounce off of each other perfectly, and Nathan is one of the best DMs I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. The sound quality and technical aspects are impeccable and I’m excited for every new episode. All that being said, 5 stars for the stacks

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"The group storytelling dynamic is on point, and the action blends seamlessly with role play. With a healthy mix of comedy and serious undertones, this AP is well worth the listen!"
This is an amazing D&D AP podcast. It is well-edited, and the episodes are a very reasonable length. The players have great chemistry, and they do some really innovative collaborative world building where everyone at the table is involved in building the world of their story. 5/5, definitely recommended for anyone looking for a D&D podcast that doesn’t require 4-5 hours of time per week.