Welcome to this week’s episode of Reckless A-Talk!

DM Nathan got to sit down with one of the brightest and kindest rising stars in TTRPG right now, Lexi McQueen AKA @blackgirlmage!

Lexi is an accomplished D&D and TTRPG streamer who is preparing to launch her first long-form streamed campaign (Strix U/The Strix) and has recently DM’d for a veritable array of D&D celebrities, including Matt Mercer himself!

Lexi is also one of the most intentional thinkers, generous souls, and joy-filled people in the tabletop space.

She and Nathan touch on being a laser marshall, DMing for the stars, worldbuilding on stream, the importance of plot, and the importance of being a good person and surrounding yourself with good people. Plus a lot more – it’s a long episode, but what was DM Nathan supposed to do, stop chatting???

Enjoy, and see you next week!