Greetings! Another exciting episode of Reckless A-Talk, our TTRPG interview show, as we sit down with Matthew Ross and Fernando Dominguez, the creators behind Abyssal Brews.

The two are are prolific, creating homebrew tabletop subsystem and magic item offerings for D&D, Pathfinder and more, which are usually designed and promoted by Matthew and beautifully illustrated by Fernando. They have collaborated with a ton of big names including recently participating in Paizo Con. Most illustriously, of course, their work has even appeared right here on Reckless Attack, as we used the Campfire travel system during one of our adventures.

In this episode, we talk about partnership, knowing what you want out of a project, cutting through the noise, failing fast and failing better, finding and fixing problems (and selling the solutions), and painting the best rock you can paint.


Edited by J. Strautman




YouTube, ft. Illustration walkthroughs: