This episode of Reckless A-Talk is a real treat, as I DM Nathan got to chat with Paladin (they/them) AKA @HTTPaladin, who is a TTRPG director, writer, producer, and general excellent creator of content.

They are most known as the co-director for Sina Una, an extremely robust and colorful crowdfunded D&D compatible campaign setting based on Fillipino mythology and history. The Sina Una team just recently completed a new kickstarter for an adventure book in the setting.

We hit on their lifelong love of D&D to the great lengths they went to to track down Filipino cultural information, to colonialism to being on Critical Role to the mortifying ordeal of being known.


Content Warnings:

Colonialism (throughout), Parent health scare (12:12), Blood & mild gore (1:00:16)

Sina Una co-director Lucia : 

Islands of Sina Una setting book: 

Tales from Sina Una adventure Kickstarter: 

Dark Symmetry Kickstarter: