We are so excited to announce the start of a new series with a familiar title: Behind the Screen!

DM Nathan has many years of professional interview experience under his belt, and we decided to take advantage of it.

Starting with our lovely Reckless Attack cast, we will be putting out regular interviews with some of our favorite people in the TTRPG space. Much like our flagship show, we want Behind the Screen to feel like you sitting around the table during a conversational and personal chat. Our goal is to give the chance for some of the best and brightest in TTRPG creators, cast members, artists and more to tell our audience who they are, what they do and why they love doing it.

Each hour-long episode will be published in full on Patreon at the $5 tier. In addition, because we want to use this as an opportunity to build community and boost our fellow creators, we will be publishing a bonus episode featuring several clips from the chat on our main feed on the same day.

Today Nathan sat down with Jonathan, who plays Checkers the Grung druid on Reckless Attack, to talk about designing characters, growing as a player, and friends.

Enjoy, and please be sure to tell others if you did!