Reckless Attack is always proud to present our Reckless A-Talk guest, but this week we are additionally THRILLED to sit down with wonderful writer and person Cassi Mothwin, author of folk horror TTRPG supplement “What Crooked Roots.”

Each episode of Reckless A-Talk, we sit down for an in-depth conversation with a member of the community to shine a spotlight on not only their work, but also who they are as a person.

In this episode, DM Nathan sits down with friend of the pod Cassi to talk about folk horror, game reviews, designing games without knowing she was designing them, the importance of research, accessibility in games, 

Cassi’s the best – we know you’ll enjoy.

If you did, please reach out to us on Twitter at @Reckless_Attack and spread the word to friends, family and internet strangers! See you for our next episode Tuesday.

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