Welcome once more to Reckless A-Talk, our TTRPG interview show where we sit down with some of our favorite writers, players, GMs, and streamers to get to know a little bit more about what makes them who they are.

This week, we were lucky enough to sit down with P Vincent, owner of Table Cat Games and creator of the recent Savage Worlds setting Street Wolves.

PV started in the space right around the time we did, and his flavorful, dramatic, synthwave, retrofuturistic work with Street Wolves is really pretty wonderful

We touch on so much this week – enforcing vibes, Miami Vice, chasing the fun, what synthwave actually is, more about Miami Vice. But I think this interview is really special I think, because it gives a really thoughtful look at genre game design – my favorite kind of design – and an inspirational look at dreaming big and doing the work required to make it happen. 

That’s it from us – see you next time!


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