It’s our first TTRPG community creator interview!

And boy it couldn’t be with a better and more internally beloved pair of creators – DMs J and B from the Planet Arcana Podcast!

Each episode, we’ll sit down for an in-depth conversation with a member of the TTRPG community to shine a spotlight on not only their work, but who they are as a person.

This week, Nathan sat down with J & B to talk about DMing with your best friend, growing up nerdy, gender exploration in TTRPGs, making music, “playing the Olympics” and the incredible, genre-defying and heartwarming tarot-noir-western-fantasy-android-heist-dreamscape-neon 80s-creative powerhouse that is Planet Arcana.

Nathan apologizes in advance for how giddy he was to talk to them.

We hope you enjoy – please spread the word if you did, and let us know on Twitter @reckless_attack! See you on Tuesday!

Planet Arcana is a tightly edited, tarot-flavored, retrofuturistic D&D podcast. Homebrewed cup of 5e, served by 2 DMs.

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